21 - 23 Oct 2017

Venue: Sydney Trapeze School
2k, 1-7 Unwins Bridge Rd., St. Peters

Tickets $20
(Recommended age 16+ Mature themes)

We invite you to our party, our Friday night drinks, our debaucherous razzle-dazzle.

This new development by Brown Paper Circus explores what it means to hold on, to let go, and to choose vulnerability in a world of ‘perfection’. Discovering the voices and truths behind a make-believe façade, this circus theatre work questions the interplay between trick and movement, skill and story.

Tear down the streamers. Trip over a fallen disco ball. Marvel at the grime underneath all that confetti. Welcome to a celebration of the imperfect, the authentic, the fabulous grit.

An original work by Brown Paper Circus



Directed by David Jackson

Alex Dalgliesh
David Helman

Angus Johnson
Erin Lollback

Tom Matthews
Catherine Wait

Paige Walker
Jamie Winbank